When I mentioned music as a segment of things I planned to write about in this space, my webmaster agreed with the idea…specifically saying, “Oh yeah, how could you not write about music?” He’s seen my collection of over 700 CDs. I’m a fan of many different types of music, but prog rock is probably nearest to my heart. I am a die-hard Rush fan that has had the good fortune to see them 23 times and shed real tears at Neil Peart’s passing. I also really, really love ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Howard Jones, Tears For Fears, Sting, Paul McCartney, King Crimson, Yes, okay, you get it. I like a lot of stuff.

And like most music fans, I enjoy the discussions about it with equally dedicated fans, even the Beatles vs. Elvis and Rush vs. Zeppelin arguments I’ve had with people. Heck, I may even host a debate here with an equally dedicated fan sometime. I’ll let you know.

In this space you will find some pieces I’ve written about albums that I consider to be seriously underrated, which is what BAYNH stands for…the Best Albums You’ve Never Heard. I could write plenty about artists and albums that I consider to be hugely overrated, but I’m determined to keep this site upbeat and positive, and share a Great Number of Things.

If you’re a music fan, and you’re enjoying the reads, by all means drop a line and let me know.


Neil Peart: The G.O.A.T.

A thoughtfully considered Neil Peart tribute, from a devoted Rush fan. I remember where I was when I heard John...
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Terry Kath 1946-1978: The Heart of Chicago

It’s not that the Internet is completely devoid of the definitive Terry Kath tribute. There is an excellent documentary about...
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Raoul and the Kings of Spain – Tears For Fears – BAYNH

Tears For Fears's Raoul and the Kings of Spain easily makes my list of Best Albums You Never Heard. It...
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The Best Rush Albums Ranked (One Fan’s Opinion)

Here it is, a list of all the studio albums from rock's greatest artist, ranked by a "get a life!"...
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“It’s Neil Time” – Neil Peart 1952-2020

After the passing of the greatest rock drummer that ever lived, JerseyMan allowed me to write a one-page tribute for...
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Eddie Van Halen 1955-2020: The Ultimate Rock Star

Eddie Van Halen was the greatest guitar player in the history of rock matter who was behind the microphone...
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