Music Review: Very Best of Michael Bolton

Music Review: Very Best of Michael Bolton

Yes, it is perfectly possible for confident heterosexual males to enjoy Michael Bolton’s music. See for yourself, whatever your orientation…buy the CD on Amazon here!


I Like Michael Bolton’s Music And I Am Not Gay!

For the record, let me just state that I prefer women and always have. I have not ever been attracted to another man in even a Biblical way. Now, OFF the record…just kidding. I can joke confidently because I am fully heterosexual despite the supposed contradiction of my liking Michael Bolton’s music.

As I have said, this has nothing whatever to do with any kind of speed bumps in my sexual confidence, nor is it related to any kind of quirk in my attraction for and from females. I am quite definitely attracted to women only, and I still like Michael Bolton’s music. One does not necessarily exclude the other. “When A Man Loves A Woman” is not some sort of metaphor for suppressed homosexuality as one of my friends insisted when I said I liked Michael Bolton’s version of the song. Come on with that.

To reiterate, Michael Bolton’s music is likable even by the standards of a male who has zero desire to sleep with other males, a distinction I fall into with complete confidence. I am NOT gay, or bi or even bi-curious. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Liking Michael Bolton’s music does not prove anything in the tiniest form otherwise despite what some less enlightened people may think.


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