Video Review: Emeril Green Episodes 1-5

Video Review: Emeril Green Episodes 1-5

Emeril’s signature catchphrase “Bam!” has made him a national figure. It’s time someone pointed out the insensitivity of that phrase. (This product is available here.)



Insensitive to Spontaneous Human Combustion Victims

I work as an EMT in the city of Rio Linda, California. I’ve seen plenty of things that would turn anyone’s stomach, like the man who ate his own guts to survive being stuck on an escalator. But nothing compares to seeing someone spontaneously combust. Surely someone on the Emeril set has heard of the Gus Wheeler case?

Anyone who has witnessed an incident of spontaneous human combustion would not find Mr. Lagasse’s trademark exclamation the slightest bit entertaining. I don’t care how politically correct I sound saying it, but “BAM!” is all too close to what a combusting human sounds like. Take it from someone who has seen it happen twice. Just hearing someone say “BAM!” makes me jump out of my skin.

If you want more information you can call the Anti-Spontaneous Human Combustion Victims Defamation League (ASHCVDL, pronounced “ASH-ka-viddle”). I haven’t told them about this because I know they would blow up (no pun intended) at hearing the famous TV cook periodically in his show re-create the sound of someone spontaneously combusting. And doing it repeatedly! “BAM!”, “BAM!”, “BAM!” I’m shuddering thinking about it.


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