Product Review: U-Bet Strawberry Syrup

Product Review: U-Bet Strawberry Syrup

While U-Bet’s famous strawberry syrup is extra tasty in a cold glass of milk, be warned of the side effects…namely the pink mustache and resulting dignity hit. (You can purchase it here if you’re prepared.)

Beware The Pink Mustache!

Without going into detail about what I do, let’s just say that I have a very important position in the mutual funds company where I work. I make vital decisions on which the very future of the company can sometimes depend. It is important for me to carry myself with a confident and sustained dignity.

So it was a source of great embarrassment when I showed up at an afternoon meeting following a lunch hastily washed down with a cold glass of U-Bet strawberry milk. I did not realize until later that I had been handing down important edicts with a pink mustache. My first glance in the mirror afterward immediately revealed the reason for my subordinates’ suppressed laughter throughout the meeting. I was wondering why so many people were holding up their cell phones during the meeting until pictures of the pink-mustachioed me began appearing in the office. Needless to say, the integrity of my authority has taken a big hit.

And U-Bet’s tech support was unfortunately no help either. I got patched through to a woman whose native language was clearly Russian, and she kept promising me “hot love forever” in shattered English if I would be “American husband”. That might have been titillating at another time but I was focused on my specific problem with pink mustaches.


Photo credit: quinn.anya on Best Running / CC BY-SA (modified to fit header.)

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