Product Review: Body Candy Pink Neon Barbell Tongue Ring

Product Review: Body Candy Pink Neon Barbell Tongue Ring

You may have heard of the unpleathant thide effectth of tongue ringth, but I can tell you about it firththand! Beware before purchathing thith tongue ring



It didn’t theem like a bad idea when my wife thaid it would be great if I got a tongue ring to match herth. Thee didn’t theem to mind it too much and it didn’t affect her thpeech notithably that I could tell. Thee thaid it wath a thex thing but without going into detail it jutht made me itch.

Anyway I chothe the pink barbell becauthe it betht fit my perthonality, I’m kinda tough and thenthitive at the thame time. Then we went to what I now think ith the inappropriately named “Thafe and Thavvy Tattooth and Pierthingth”. And thith guy thartth putting a thewing needle through my tongue and it thtill hurtth like all heck! I didn’t eckthpect it to be painleth but holy thit!

I tried to thmile after they inthtalled the thing but it wath jutht too painful. Unfortunately the ring ith locked in plathe and the tattoo thtore can’t get it out! And tho now I’m thtuck with thith thing and it’th not very mathculine to thpeak the way I do now. We have to thet up an appointment with a doctor and I’m thure that ithn’t going to be fun.

Tho think twithe abouth thith. It thtill really hurtth like a thon of a bitth!


Photo credit: avatar-1 on Best Running / CC BY-SA

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