Book Review: William Shakespeare : The Complete Works (Vols 1-4)

Book Review: William Shakespeare : The Complete Works (Vols 1-4)

To make sense or not to make sense! Seriously, what’s the deal with this Shakespeare guy!


I Don’t Understand This Frickin’ Guy At All!

I was told repeatedly that I needed to become more worldly and that there was more to life than, say, NASCAR. So when someone suggested reading Shakespeare I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve never been so baffled in my life at this dude. I can’t understand a frickin’ word he says!

Listen to this: “I will render thee again in affection; by mine honour, I will; and when I break that oath, let me turn monster: therefore, my sweet Rose, my dear Rose, be merry.”

Huh? “Let me turn monster”? What in tarnation does that mean? “Render thee again in affection”? WTH? Does that mean cooking someone you love in bacon grease more than once? I don’t know anybody who talks like this.

Or this: “I stood i’ the level of a full-charged confederacy, and give thanks to you that choked it.”

Seriously, what the freak is that? What is a full-charged confederacy and how does one choke it? That sounds like a euphemism for boppin’ the baloney for crying out loud. I just don’t get what the big deal is about this guy.


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