Movie Review: Swordfish/Terminator 3 DVD

Movie Review: Swordfish/Terminator 3 DVD

Someone say Swordfish? As in the movie where Halle Berry bares all? Heck yes! And still available on Amazon!


Knockers Alert! Halle Berry Nude!

I don’t remember much about the plot of Swordfish. It may have been half decent or had some good lines in it. But most importantly it does feature a nude Halle Berry. She is already something else with clothes on, but nude? Bull market! This DVD is well worth the price to see Halle Berry’s impressive cocoa casabas on full unclad display.

It also stars John Travolta as an anti-terrorism agent or something, and it has Halle Berry nude in it. To repeat, Halle Berry appears nude for a scene in Swordfish. If you would like to see Halle Berry nude anytime you want I would recommend buying this DVD. You can do what I do and pause that part so you can look at Halle Berry nude for as long as you like. (I’m trying to make it into a poster.) Like I said I don’t remember the plot too much, because I mainly focused on Halle Berry in the nude. She’s hot. And nude in this movie!

Haven’t watched the Terminator movie yet.


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