Product Review: Pugster CZ Engagement Ring

Product Review: Pugster CZ Engagement Ring

The Pugster Cubic Zirconia engagement ring no longer exists on Amazon, which is a shame, because it was a true gift for thrifty and lovestruck men out there.


It’s All About The Marketing Yo!

Let me tell you guys, don’t worry about the stigma. In plain language, she’ll get over it. And I’m gonna tell you how, thrifty stud man.

But first let me remind you of the incredible savings involved with cubic zirconia. This ring costs what, $30? (You can get free shipping by adding other stuff too.) And to think you were going to spend two months’ salary. (Then again, if two months’ salary is $30 for you, I’d say go for it and marry her before she finds out!) Think of what you can do with the money left over…season tickets, hi-def TV, AND maybe even some cookware for her. She won’t even know where the money came from and she’ll love the cookware, man. Win-win!

The thing is, you don’t have to let her know how much it cost, unless she wants it appraised. And then you can say something like “baby, I don’t care about insuring the ring, all I care about is insuring your companionship for life”. See what I mean? But if she insists, and you have to tell her…brace her for it. Tell her you had an affair with her best friend, and then when she starts to freak, you can say you were just kidding, “but your ring is cubic zirconia though”. That way there isn’t so much sting, right? She may even think you’re joking and she’ll tell her friends how funny you are.

Bottom line, you just need to let go of that authentic diamond noise. What matters is that you cared enough to give her this beautiful ring. That’s the way you tell your baby “girl, my LOVE is real”.

Now get to it Dr. Frugal Delight!


Photo credit: Mauro Cateb on Best Running / CC BY

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